Interactive Proposals

Interactive Proposals

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Clarity is key. That’s why ISD has embedded product specifications into all of our proposals. As a customer, this allows you to fully understand both the products being used and the required installation methods included in your future purchase.

Starting with the project scope, ISD provides a brief overview of the included work to be performed with detailed plan references. Following is a breakdown of each material class used including embedded hyperlinks to product specifications, supplier information, color charts, or all of the above. Often the material class will be accompanied by a brief description of the method of its application and critical notes regarding safety codes.

Just as important as what is included in the proposal is what is excluded. The exclusions and alternates sections ensures that both parties are on the same page during budgetary review. ISD even provides a clickable link to your job’s state capital improvement form for tax exemption purposes.

See the difference by scrolling below and clicking on the embedded links:

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